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Week 15: Promoting Your Work and Lifestreaming

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope everyone had a nice week off. I spent most of the week sick in bed, but I did manage to finish grading your usability projects (if you haven’t received my feedback via email, please let me know) and your second exams (you’ll get these back in class on Tuesday). I hope to have your Final Project Proposals graded before class on Tuesday, too, though I may not get to all of them until Thursday.

We’re in the home stretch — just two weeks to go. At this point, you should be in frequent contact with your team members and your clients, developing your Final Project websites. We’ll spend some in-class time in workshop mode this week, but the majority of your work on these sites will happen outside of class. Please find a way to keep the channels of communication within your team open so each member of your team contributes equally to the final project. If you’re having difficulty working with your client, please come see me and we’ll talk about strategies for getting nonresponsive clients to respond.

In class tomorrow, we will talk about strategies for getting your websites noticed. Please read pages 353-373 in Castro before class. On Thursday, we will conclude our exploration of online genres by looking at lifestreaming and data capturing. Before you come to class on Thursday, please sign up for an account at Mycrocosm, explore the site, and create a dataset of your choosing.

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