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Weeks 16 and 17: Wrapping Things Up

This post will be my final update to the class website, and it will be short and sweet: On Tuesday, I’ll be meeting with each team to review your Final Project website. When you come to your conference, be prepared to show me your entire site and discuss how the site has changed since we [...]

Week 15: Promoting Your Work and Lifestreaming

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope everyone had a nice week off. I spent most of the week sick in bed, but I did manage to finish grading your usability projects (if you haven’t received my feedback via email, please let me know) and your second exams (you’ll get these back in class on [...]

Week 12: YouTube and Twitter — You Call This Writing?

I apologize for the late update this week. I’ve been busy planning and running a conference that our department hosted on Friday and Saturday, and I’m just now (late Sunday night) catching up on the long list of things I should have been doing over the past few days. Because of my tardiness, I have [...]

Week 11: Goodbye Usability Testing, Hello Final Project

I’m headed to the airport in a few hours and I still haven’t packed my suitcase, so this update will be short and sweet. Next week we will finish up the Usability Report assignment, which is due on Thursday. Bring a rough draft of your report to class on Tuesday (in HTML format) so we [...]

Week 10: The Beginning of the End

Based on our class discussions in Week 9, I gather that most of you are on track with your Usability Report projects. By Tuesday of Week 10, you should have completed all of your usability tests; this will allow you to spend the following week writing up your results and creating protoypes to include in [...]