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Week 9: WYSIWYG, Dreamweaver, and Problem Solving

A few quick notes about wrapping up Week 8: By now, you should have submitted your final usability testing plan to me. If you haven’t, please do so as quickly as possible. I will review your plan and give you approval to begin conducting your usability tests with Real Live Humans (TM). Between now and Tuesday, October 28, you should conduct all of your usability tests; this will give you a full week to analyze your results and write your report.

Since your usability tests must be completed outside of class, we will have time in class to turn our attention to Dreamweaver. On Tuesday we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of using WYSIWYG interfaces to create websites, and on Thursday we will conduct a Dreamweaver workshop. Before you come to class on Tuesday, please familiarize yourself with Dreamweaver’s interface. If you are already comfortable with Dreamweaver, great! If not, please review the videos in the first three sections of the CD I gave you last week.

As you work on your usability testing project, make note of the things that aren’t going well. On Thursday we’ll take some time to discuss these issues as a class and brainstorm solutions or workarounds to your problems.

As always, if you have any questions about what we’ll be doing next week, or about your usability project, please let me know.

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