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Week 9: WYSIWYG, Dreamweaver, and Problem Solving

A few quick notes about wrapping up Week 8: By now, you should have submitted your final usability testing plan to me. If you haven’t, please do so as quickly as possible. I will review your plan and give you approval to begin conducting your usability tests with Real Live Humans (TM). Between now and [...]

Week 8: Usability, Usability, Usability

Week 7 was incredibly busy and stressful for all of us. Somehow, you managed to submit your Zen Garden projects and study for our first exam. I’m sure it must feel good to have both of these hurdles behind you. As I said in class after the midterm, I found it incredibly invigorating to watch [...]

Week 7: Usability Tests (and English 313 Tests)

As I’ve watched you create and debug (and sometimes scrap and re-create) your CSS Zen Garden designs, I’ve been impressed with the variety of visual styles you’re using. Just think–five weeks ago, most of you had never used cascading style sheets, and now you’ve created entirely original designs using only CSS and images. I can’t [...]