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Week 6: Don’t Fear Your Peers, Plus a Taste of Tables

Next week we’ll be in the home stretch for the CSS Zen Garden Redesign assignment. By Tuesday you should have a solid draft of your design that you are willing to share with your peers in class. Before you come to class on Tuesday, upload your design to a directory named “zengarden” on your public [...]

Week 5: Visual Motifs, Finding Images, and Information Architecture

I think our in-class workshop on Thursday showed us two things: 1) The CSS Zen Garden Redesign assignment has the potential to yield some incredibly creative website designs. 2) It’s going to take a lot of work to create compelling designs from scratch. I hope week 5 will provide you with the tools and the [...]

Week 4: Images, Color, and More Zen Bliss

Week 4 will mark the end of our first assignment and the start of our next big project: the CSS Zen Garden Redesign. In addition, we will learn how color works on the web, how to optimize graphics for the web, and how to use Photoshop to accomplish these tasks. Before you come to class [...]

Week 3: CSS Layout, Debugging Code, and Zen Enlightenment

During Week 3, we will continue to work on the Online Résumé assignment, move from CSS styling to CSS positioning, and introduce our next assignment: the CSS Zen Garden Redesign. On Tuesday, we will briefly review the reading assignments for the day (see the calendar for details), then spend most of the class period in [...]