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Quinn maintains a list of links that might be helpful to English 313 students using Delicious, a social bookmarking site. The most recent links added to this list are displayed here on the English 313 site in the right-hand sidebar.

We will use this page to create a more thorough collection of links that will be helpful to anyone learning web design. Over the course of the semester, you should contribute at least five original links to this page. When you submit a link to me via email, let me know which category (or categories) should contain your link. Or, if you think we need a new category on this page, feel free to propose one.

Coding Basics

  • HTML Goodies — A huge collection of tutorials on almost every aspect of web design. (Thanks, Tyler)
  • HTML Dog — A general tutorial/reference site for HTML and CSS. Includes tutorials aimed at beginners with no experience, as well as complete references and examples for experienced coders. (Thanks, Isaiah)
  • W3 Schools — Another general reference/ tutorial site, with a lot more information. Its a lot less accessible than HTML Dog in my opinion, but covers a lot more subjects. (Thanks, Isaiah)
  • htmlite — Somewhere inbetween HTML Dog and W3 Schools. More topics covered (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Php, MYSQL, etc) than HTML Dog, but easier to follow and with less detail than w3schools. (Thanks, Isaiah)
  • WebsiteTips — A website loaded with links to various tips, tutorials, and resources for style sheets, color charts, design and layout, finding and editing images, marketing/advertising your website, usability, etc. (Thanks, Emily and Ngoc)
  • Design Meltdown — “The goal of Design Melt Down has become to collect and categorize sites into classifications that you simply can’t search for. In addition it aims to provide additional links and resources to follow through and implement the given subject.” (Thanks, Kelly)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • The CSS Tutorial — A nice overview and explanation of CSS; also contains a video explaining style sheets. (Thanks, Ngoc)
  • EchoEcho’s CSS Tutorial — A fairly comprehensive CSS tutorial; coveers layering, lists, cursors, etc. (Thanks, Ngoc)

Trends in Web Design

Web Writing Tips


  • Color Matters — A site that deals with everything you did or didn’t ever want to know about color, including color blindness, how to effectively use color on the web, and the basic principles of color theory. (Thanks, Nate)
  • Best Color Tools for Web Designers — A nice collection of helpful web-based tools that might come in handy when you’re developing color schemes, etc. (Thanks, Kelly)


  • Planet Photoshop — Tutorials and resources for creating and manipulating images in Photoshop. Some of these techniques are quite advanced, but the video format makes them easy to follow. (Thanks, Tyler)
  • Ten Online Photo Editors that You Definitely Need to Bookmark — Don’t have Photoshop? No problem! You can use one of these online photo editors instead. (Thanks, Andy)
  • Free Webmaster Tutorials — Contains tutorials in a lot of categories, but the image software tutorials might be most helpful. (Thanks, Kelly)


Software Programs


Bare-bones templates (just page structure; no styling):

Styled templates (more polished; harder to modify):

Still not satisfied? Try the Open Source Web Design Toolbox, a blog post with links to 100 free resources like the ones listed above.

Advanced Techniques