Warning: This is an archived course website that is part of my teaching portfolio, so some links may no longer work. Please contact me with any questions about this site.

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I believe strongly in “giving credit where credit is due,” especially on the web, where it has become common practice to copy and paste from the work of others without acknowledging their efforts. This course website draws on the following sites and/or individuals:

  • The framework for the site, as well as several of the assignment, are taken from Lee Honeycutt’s English 313 class website. The content from Dr. Honeycutt’s site is used with his permission and under the terms of a Creative Commons license.
  • The visual design of the site is based on Ravi Varma‘s excellent WordPress theme, PrimePress. Although I have customized the PHP, HTML, CSS, and images in this theme, Ravi deserves most of the credit for how this website looks.
  • The rotating header images at the top of each page are photos taken at the Computer History Museum by several Flickr users: Laughing Squid, libraryman, and dmealiffe. All photos on the site are used under a Creative Commons license.